WEN 4280 5-Amp 8-Inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder

WEN 4280 – Variable-Speed Bench Grinder

For the price, the WEN 4280 packs a punch. WEN is known for producing affordable tools that have features found in more expensive options. Sometimes, rarely, this combination doesn’t work, and you’ll see a lot of negative reviews.

Right out of the box, I noticed the weight of the WEN bench grinder. I admit to not owning a grinder before, so I cannot tell you for sure if other grinders are lighter. But it did feel sturdy and well-built. 

I turned on the motor and was happy with how smooth and quiet it ran. The variable speed worked perfectly, with a slow ramp up and down. There were noticeable vibrations on start and stop, but when it was running at the set speed, these mostly went away.

I did notice some dings on both wheels, and the white aluminum oxide wheel was rather uneven.

Fast forward; I’ve been using it for over a year now.

As you can see, I replaced the 46-grit wheel with a wire wheel, which makes the WEN 4280 a whole lot more useful for me. I mostly use it to sharpen my lathe tools and remove rust when restoring my Stanley hand planes.

I removed the spark shield, or eye shield because they only make it more difficult to see what I’m grinding. I also do not use the included tool rests.

Instead, I’m using the Wolverine sharpening system, mounted under both wheels on a base I made from plywood. There are four rubber pads beneath the base, which all but removed any vibration issues.