WEN 6510T Oscillating Spindle Sander

WEN 6510T review

An oscillating spindle sander is a double purpose sander attached to a strong base. Whether you are new or experienced in woodworking, a sander capable of oscillating upward and downward will give you extra edge for your next woodworking project. Shop Now

One sander that stands out is the WEN 650T, which has a versatile design to help your sanding in a way a conventional sander cannot. The WEN 6510T is suitable for any kind of woodworking projects. 


1. Powerful Motor

One of the best features of the WEN 6510T is that the motor can generate up to 58 oscillations and 2000 rotations per minute, with only 5/8-inch stroke. 

This is pretty impressive, considering it is portable enough to be moved around conveniently.

2. Cast Iron Worktable

One of the worst things in woodworking is when we do not have enough working space. 

WEN is very aware of that and there have been no complaints about the strong 15 by 11.5 inches of cast iron worktable not being big enough. 

3. Designed for Stable Operation

Instability can affect your results in woodworking. While the WEN 6510T does not nullify all movement and vibrations, it is designed to be compact. 

Stability is a priority for WEN, and they made sure that their sanders are designed to minimize instability when in use.

4. Onboard Storage

Products by Wen has been a customer’s favourite because of its attention to detail. Not only will the Wen 6510T get the job done, but it will also help you do it in a convenient way. 

There are rod and discs slots on the side of the sanders, which can be efficient storage for your rods and discs. 

5. Ultimate Versatility

Materials of any shape can be worked with on the WEN 6510T. This is because there are 6 different sizes of sanding sleeves (1/2, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, 2, 3 inches in diameter) and five different rubber drums. 

Feel free to choose the most compatible size for your project!

6. Backed by a two-year warranty

We know that warranty is an important factor when purchasing these devices. It may be hard to find a long warranty, but do not worry because WEN guarantees a two-year warranty for every purchase. 

Any complaints will be handled swiftly by WEN’s customer service team.

7. 4.7-star Rating

On top of everything, this particular sander by WEN has received 1,234 reviews globally and managed to get an average of 4.7-star ratings. 

This proves that the WEN 650T is used and loved by woodworkers around the world. We’re delighted to say that this rating is comparable to other spindle sanders on the market.


Generating no noise at all would be impossible for any kind of sanders. 

Unfortunately, the WEN 6510T may generate relatively more noises than other woodworking devices. However, keep in mind that this is the result of their powerful engine.

Additionally, most people find storing discs and rods to be troublesome. The WEN 6510T provides just that, but several reviews stated that the sanding sleeves used as the storage space are too big for the drums. 

As a result, the drum will be compressed when the sleeves are tightened and vice versa. 

Remember when we said there were no complaints about the workspace being too small to carry out any projects? Whilst true, the cast iron worktable may not provide enough space to rest other workpieces. This could be something you might want to consider.

Finally, we recommend checking if you are used to a counter-clockwise spindle, as the Wen 6510T oscillates counter-clockwise. 

Other customers also report receiving damaged goods and inconsistent performance, but they all complimented WEN for their quick customer service in replacing the sander. 


At only $125.88, The WEN 6510T is relatively cheaper compared to the other spindle sander on the market. 

One thing to keep in mind is it is cheaper because it has less features than some other sanders by WEN or other brands. Make sure to double check the price too, as they may change any time. 


However skillful you are in woodworking, do yourself a favour and get the WEN 6510T. It is powerful, compact, portable, and supported by useful features. 

The grinder is affordable and especially perfect for anyone wanting to start their woodworking journey. Customers around the world are happy with the WEN 6510T and remember that there is a 2-year warranty too!